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ZEM Heights - Shops & Apartments Has Stood Up on to its 2nd Floor and is Rising with Pace in the middle of the intersection of main 200ft Bahria Express Ways & in front of Roots Millennium School (Under Paced Construction) in Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8 Sector C Junction. This Project is comprised of Shops & Apartments on 2 Years Installments and possession will be in 1.5 Years.

ZEM Heights is 6 Floors High, built on a 1 Kanal Plot area (5451 sqft). Lower Ground, Upper Ground & 1st Floor comprize of 10 Shops each while 2nd & 3rd Floor contain 2 Bed Apartments (5 on each floor) and a quantity of 10 - 1 Bed Apartments are situated on the 4th Floor. The easy installment plan and the location of ZEM Heights in Bahria Town Phase 8 are the main attraction of the project which attracts investors, business men & fulfills residential needs.

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Location of ZEM Heights

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ZEM Heights is located in Sector C Commercial, on C Junction (Liaqat Ali Khan Junction) opposite to Roots Millennium Bahria Phase 8 Campus en-route to International Standard Theme Park Bahria Town Phase 8, right on the intersection of 200ft Middle ring road (Bahria Express Way) of Bahria Town Phase 8 and Main 120 ft Road leading to Safari Valley.

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Important Points to be Noted !

On the same road (200ft Middle Ring Road / Bahria Expressway) 1 KM from International Standard Theme Park Bahria Phase 8 Rawalpindi is planned for development while the grey structure of Roots Millennium Phase 8 campus is already built (Opposite / Facing ZEM Heights) with residential sectors (B, H, C, Awais Block, Usman Block, Ali Block) around ZEM Heights already developed and people moving in & residential construction at a high pace. The many sectors which are under development or developed (I, J, K L, M, E, F, Bahria Orchard, Awami Villas etc.) on route from ZEM Heights are connected by the same (200ft Middle Ring Road / Bahria Expressway).

The Main 120 Ft Road from Safari Valley also passes through C Junction (Liaqat Ali Khan Junction) which will have have the traffic moving from Safari Valley.

Why Book a Shop ?

The major portion of traffic flow of Bahria Town Phase 8 will be moving around ZEM Heights as explained above. Booking a Shop at ZEM Heights will make use and benefit you from all the traffic.

Why Book an Apartment ?

Residential construction around ZEM Heights & Different sectors have Paced up, houses are being built in sectors around ZEM Heights making it a good residential zone having commercial activity nearby for daily necessities and Roots Millennium Campus for education of their young ones.

Why Book for Investment ?

It is highly expected that the environment around ZEM Heights will be developed & thriving by the time ZEM Heights will be completely constructed and possession is handed over which will increase the value of the area and will give profitable returns for investors who invest now.

Discounts are available for serious customers !

Due to all the factors stated above, makes ZEM Heights a very important place to Live, Do Business or Invest in.

Features of ZEM Heights – Shops & Apartments

On Main Bahria Express Way

Opposite Roots Millennium School

On Route to Int'l Theme Park

2 Years Easy Installments

120+ Parking Area

Front View & 3 Sides Open

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